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Surrey Heath Councillors kick off first ever eSurgery broadcast over the internet – Video blog

Six councillors from Surrey Heath Borough Council took part in the very first eSurgery which was broadcast live over the internet.

The eSurgery was hosted on the new social network Blab and it is thought to be a world first of the use of this technology by politicians in this way.

Councillors Dan Adams, David Allen, Paul Deach, Josephine & Edward Hawkins and Oliver Lewis took part and it is hoped that other councillors will also participate in the future.

The idea is a very simple one and that is to make local politicians more visible to the communities they serve and make them accessible in a more convenient way for internet enabled residents.

The first eSurgery was for the councillors involved to discuss the concept to pave way for a pilot which will run very soon and will be announced on the Residents Network in due course.

All broadcasts will be recorded and made available like the one below for those who could not watch live.

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Audio Only version

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Borough Council Elections 2015

Voters in Surrey Heath have chosen their new Borough Councillors, to represent their area at Borough level.

Following the election on 7 May 2015, 40 councillors were elected to cover the borough’s 16 wards.

The council’s political make up is now 36 Conservative councillors, 2 Independent, 1 Labour and 1 Liberal Democrat.

As the majority party, the Conservatives will run the council for the next four years.

The first meeting of the full council will take place on Wednesday 20 May in the Council Chamber at Surrey Heath House.

To view the council election results, go to: