Jackson Firth - Deepcut - The Secret Service - Ki Chamberlain (10)Filming at the Garrison Church of St Barbara was at a fast pace today with, Samuel L Jackson and Colin Firth on set.

If you want to watch the movie when it comes out then don’t read on as this could be a major spoiler.

As the filming has gone on more about the plot is revealed. For starters the location of the church in the film is in America. So our cherished church in Deepcut has been renamed for the movie to South Glade Mission Church. A house opposite the church where The Secret Service - St Barbaras Churchsome filming also took place today (29th October 2013) even has an American style letter box installed at the end of the drive way.

A large amount of the filming today was outdoors with Samuel L Jackson and Colin Firth.

I visited the church a couple of times and managed to get footage of Samuel L Jackson shooting Colin Firth in the head. (Gasps from some of our female readers). This scene was repeated several times and Samuel L Jackson heard shouting and swearing which was obviously part of the scene. You can watch the footage I captured on my Instagram here.

In between filming Samuel L Jackson waved to local residents who were watching from the sidelines.

Traffic was stopped while filming took place. Most people sat in the traffic where very patient and seemed to be fine with it, but a number of workmen in vans were clearly vexed at the inconvenience. Understandable but I think in the main the disruption has been kept to a minimum and the traffic control very well organised. Perhaps the ubiquitous PCSO Babs Ball had something to do with that as she was on set all day today.

I also managed to speak to a Warner Bros member of staff who is close to Colin Firth. I mentioned in a previous blog that I thought this is a major part/scene in the film. If the information I obtained today is correct, then the scene being filmed is actually the finale. The staff member told me that the majority of the filming is now complete in Deepcut and only some minor corrections may have to be re-shot but it is unlikely any of the A-List celebs seen over the last couple of weeks will be returning.

Heatherside Resident Ki Chamberlain was at St Barbara’s Church today and managed to capture some incredible images of the action. Thanks so much Ki for sending these to us to share with the community.

4 thoughts on “Samuel L Jackson & Colin Firth in Deepcut today – #TheSecretService – Photo blog

  1. redsnapper27

    Brilliant and great snaps!! I presume the church must have made a pretty good killing as well for the use of its property. Wonder where all the $$$’s will go.??

  2. Jenny Hardy-Fitzgerald

    Its been great having some clebs in this boring place, but to change the name and location of the church to america seems a bit disreguarding of our heritage, and should have really kept that bit of the film british after all it was this piticular church they needed.


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