Frimley Green Open Gardens Day 2012 – photo blog

Frimley Green Gardens Open Day Carol Drew (34)The Frimley Green Open Gardens Day is an annual event which is growing in popularity year on year.

It is organised by the Frimley Green Carnival Committee, chaired by Tony Moore.

Below the photo blog readers can find information about each garden as published in the official guide.

Huge thanks to our photo bloggers Alan Meeks and Carol Drew from the Windlesham and Camberley Camera Club for their stunning images.

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Manager – Amanda Glover. Volunteers led by Sheila Cox

Just waste ground in 1999, opened April 2000, this is now a wonderful garden with winding paths, disabled access, a story time circle, replanted trees and seating which all the community can enjoy. Many of the established plants and shrubs have been donated. The central beds have been recently replanted with roses which hopefully will be in flower on the day. There will be a display showing the garden’s progress. Maintained by the Friends of Frimley Green Library.

Plants and books for sale. Teas also available for a small charge.

No 2: WHARF ROAD ALLOTMENTS Site Rep – David Natolie

Wharf Road has currently 46 plots with 42 tenants who range from 85 years down to a mere 40ish. The site has been a statutory allotment under the meaning of the Act for as long as Don can remember. The site will very much be a take us as you find us in relation to the crops you find planted and the general condition (hopefully no free standing weeds). This will include the free standing structures made from the best in modern, recycled and reused materials. lt will provide an insight into methods of gardening from open plots with pathway between standard rows of plants to fully structured and protected cages with soil / weed management systems.

No 3: 3 WHARFENDEN WAY Owners – Geoff and Sue Cox

Since opening our garden for the first time in June 2010, Geoff has been diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease, so many of the plans we had then for enlarging borders and planting fruit trees and other shrubs have been given a complete rethink in that we are now grassing over some of the existing borders and removing and replacing shrubs with other species which will be easier to maintain. We are still planning to remove a lot of the old Forsythia on the side garden by the garage and put a pathway with an access arch through the cleared space. So still very much work in progress as it has been since moving here in 1980! Disabled access limited due to steps, some uneven paving and narrow pathways and doorways. Dogs on leads welcome.

No 4: 4 BRAMBLEBANK Owners – Sandra and Hugh McCurry

Our garden was constructed about 3 years ago but it was already planned before the extension was done, I had my priorities right! Even though it is a small garden we tried to squeeze in as many’l want …..’ as possible, unfortunately long ambling walks was not included. We have tried to create an all year round garden but may have been distracted by the summer season. The front garden is very much work in progress dictated by time and costs, as we all know a gardeners work is never

done. Disabled access is awkward but possible


Our displays this year are inspired by Olympic events and traditions. The theme is “More than Gold” and links with the race we run in life. You have another chance to enjoy the displays on Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th from 1Oam to 4pm. Entry and refreshments are free. Allare welcome.


Last year was a bit of a washout gardening wise, one way or the other (especially on the day!!), but plans are now afoot and I hope those of you who have visited before will notice the changes. For those who are new to my garden, please take your time, sit down, relax and enjoy. Limited disabled access. No dogs please. Can’t upset my cats.

No 7: OAKLEIGH, 22 THE HATCHES Owners – Graham and Angela O’Connell

We have done a lot of work on our long (220′), extended garden since we last opened in 2010. The new borders have matured as have the vegetable and soft fruit patch. Sadly we have had to remove our large eucalyptus tree which has been a major project. Come along and see yet more work in progress. We garden organically and its still very much an everyday garden with a relaxed feel. Dogs welcome.

No 8: 12 CROSS LANE Owners – Gilland Malcolm Allner

When we moved in at the end of 1994 we inherited a disused vegetable plot, untouched for three years. We started digging, sifting and clearing, salvaging only a few raspberry canes. Starting with a blank canvas can be very daunting and the garden has gradually changed shape over the years. A lot of the plants have seeded themselves and are only moved if they are in the wrong placel – We hate destroying plants. We have given many away to family and friends, and there are a lot of people with a little part of our garden. Due to the current ‘drought’ and consequent hosepipe ban we have been unable to erect our circular splashpool. So we have decided to pave the area with a view to a dual purpose that is either a pool area or a patio. The garden is now a mainly perennial herbaceous cottage type garden in keeping with the age of the house. Lots of colour is added in season with pots and hanging containers. Not suitable for wheelchairs due to steps and narrow paths.

No 9: CROFT, 156 FRIMLEY GREEN ROAD Owners – Geraldine and John Huggon

Built as a farmhouse in approx 1840\1850. Both front and back gardens have been completely redesigned and replanted by the owner to give all year round interest. Densely planted with shrubs, hardy perennials and bulbs to reduce weeding, features include pond, ornamental waterbutt, pergola, paved circle, and gravel areas. Limited disabled access. PLANTS FOR SALE. No dogs please.

No 10: 5 BERESFORD CLOSE Owners – Gwen and Tony Eusden

A small formal front garden filled with roses, and other shrubs. The rear garden is 150′ x 40′, divided by a pergola and trellis which separates the kitchen garden from the floral area. We grow vegetables as well as having a number of mature fruit trees and bushes, and we are bee-keepers, so the back section containing the hives will be designated a “no-go” area for your own safety. However our honey will be available for sale on the day. We compost all kitchen and vegetable waste, shredding woody prunings. We also collect rain water in large butts for irrigation. Disabled access is limited.

2 thoughts on “Frimley Green Open Gardens Day 2012 – photo blog

  1. Anonymous

    I missed it again, but 2 people from my street entered, though I don’t know them, didn’t know their back garden was so grand looking! Well done! apparently 10y the house will leave in used to enter… long way to go by the look at others lol

  2. clairethegardener

    It’s lovely to see the Open Gardens – enjoyable to so many different sorts of people. I just wish that Camberley could do the same and perhaps we could get together a really big Open Garden event for Surrey Heath?


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