Della Nonna Pizzeria – Frimley Green

Della Nonna 2Its no secret that I love food. I love eating food, I love talking about food, and I love writing about food, in fact I often find myself fantasising about food. Some of the blogs I have enjoyed writing about the most involve food.

So when my good friend Peter Glover enquired at the school gate “Deachy have you tried the Pizza at Della Nonna yet? My taste buds pricked up.

Now Glover knows food, so if there is a local eatery that he suggests I should check out then that is exactly what I do.

That very night I found myself at the Della Nonna Pizzeria ordering a 15 inch “Cipolle Rosse Caramellate con Funghi” to you and me, tomato, mozzarella, caramelised red onion mushrooms, goats cheese & fresh basil.

When I got it home and opened up the box the smell was incredible but as they say “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”.

Peter Glover’s food mojo has never let me down before and this time was no exception, the pizza was amazing.

This is proper Italian Pizza as good as any you will get in Italy. The crust is thin, light and crispy. The tomato sauce is plentiful and delicious. Loads and loads of cheese. OMG this Pizza is amazing.

While I was waiting for my Pizza to be made, I got talking to the owners and their passion for great food is blatantly clear. Ebaa, owner of this ultra cool Pizzeria is the master in the Della Nonna Kitchen. I especially appreciated watching him inspect a Pizza coming out of the oven and instructing the chef to put it back in for just another 30 seconds so that it was perfect. Only years of experience can make that difference. Ebaa told me he leant his craft in a top Italian restaurant in Brighton.

Like all good Italian kitchens, Della Nonna is a family affair with Sara (Ebaa’s wife) and her dad all involved. It is really beautiful to see this family creating perfect Pizza with such attention to detail.

There are a few neat ideas that I really like about Della Nonna other than the incredible pizza. The first is they are keen to support a local charity so if you order the special pizza the “KatCanDo” £2 from the price will be donated to local cancer charity KatCanDo. I also love the fact that everything from the dough to the tomato sauce is made in the Della Nonna Kitchen. With many of the chain Pizzeria’s that is not the case so with Della Nonna produced food you know everything is fresh. And then there is the coleslaw. It is purple which I think is a really cool twist.

They don’t just make great pizza. I am reliably informed by the man who inspired this blog post (Glover) that the pasta is incredible too. That is somthing I will be checking out the next time I order from Della Nonna.

I am certain Della Nonna is going to play a big part in our community and as far as the food is concerned it will be a name on everyone’s lips, in more ways than one, for some time to come.

Call Della Nonna now and order the best pizza in Surrey Heath, maybe even in Surrey. I guarantee you will be telling all your friends about it. See photos below.

Tel 01252 838466

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