Gadgets we can’t live without

Coffee MachineThis blog is after all pretty high tech. Although it does not require a Phd in computer science to put a site like this together, the technology that goes behind it is state of the art?

Tech has taken a huge leap forward in the last 20 years but it seems to have jumped further forward in the last 5 years especially so in the field of communications.

Thats why it is vitally important for Britain to compete in the world our broadband infrastructure needs to be ahead of the game.

There is some exciting stuff going on right here in Surrey in the advancement of high tech which we will all benefit from and I think it is something we should support. For more info on what is happening digitally in Surrey check out the Digital Surrey web site.

I have always loved my gadgets and recently invested in an iPad. Having had a blackberry smart phone for about 10 years and not wanting to entertain any other smartphone during this time, I finaly gave way for an iPhone after only days of owning the iPad when I realised just how good iOS really is. My friend Richard is an Andriod fan so perhaps in a few years I’ll be persuaded to give way to that operating system.

But it’s not just ultra high tech that plays a part in my daily grind as you will see from my top 5 gadgets.

1. The New Ipad

2. iPhone 4s

3. Sky + HD

4. DeLonghi Expresso Coffee Maker

5. Sony DAB Digital Radio

Technology is becoming increasingly significant in our lives and I am excited about future advancements.

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