A day most Dettingen Park residents thought would never come

Today is a huge milestone for Dettingen Park residents.

Readers may remember my blog post about the 3-year battle Dettingen residents have had to remove Peverel OM (now OM Property Management).

OM Property Management are now gone for ever at Dettingen Park. As of this morning the newly formed Dettingen Park Management Company Limited appointed agent (Its Your Place) took over the management of Dettingen Park.

Peverel proved as difficult to remove as the Japanese Knotweed Howard Hyde blogged about last week. But now they are gone, residents of Dettingen Park can set about the serious business of restoring their wonderful community back to its former glory.

9 thoughts on “A day most Dettingen Park residents thought would never come

  1. geoff barry

    Hi Deachy,
    I owned a leasehhold flat in Devon ‘managed’ by Solitaire Property Management who have just been renamed OM Property Management. Solitaire are without doubt the worst organisation of any kind I have had the misfortune to deal with. I am not confident that a change of name will result in a change of quality of management.
    Congratulations on your achievement.

  2. Salma

    I just happened on this story and must congratulate you Paul. I once owned a flat manged by OM Peverel and they proved to be a nightmare of overcharging for doing what appeared to be very little. The last straw for me was when they failed to secure the storage unit area of our block (despite those exorbitant charges), resulting in break- ins and loss of residents property. They refused to take responsibility and went on collecting our money. I sold my flat as a consequence. Good riddance to OM, and good luck to the residents of Dettingen Park. You cannot do worse believe me!

    1. deachy Post author

      Thanks for kind words.

      Can I ask, where in the UK was your property that was managed by Peverel ?

        1. deachy Post author

          Thanks Salma for such a quick response. And how did you happen across this site? I loaded the post with Meta Tags so anyone searching on Peverel OM, OM or OM Property Management would find this post. Just wondering if that’s how you found it?

          1. Ste

            Hi Deachy / All

            I found this blog by searching ‘theft Peverel OM’ . The reason im doing this search is we have just (although like the Japanese knotweed – not quite!) got rid of Peverel OM and mysteriously as we did all the paperwork (ie. Building plans got removed), the security CCTV system (which was a disputed point) got, 24hr access key safes all got removed. The reason i know searched this is because the whole of the coded door access system to access the development has now been stolen I saw it it was by a professional on the day we had electricians in working for the new managing agents. All a bit of a co incidence ??? I dont think so. Did you have any strange revenge type incidents after your freedom from Peverel ?

          2. deachy Post author

            Hi Ste

            Sorry to hear your having problems despite getting rid of them.

            Actually, a good way to describe Peverel is like Japanese Knot Weed.

            We are still having some problems with Peverel. The way our deeds were constructed makes it very difficult to completely get rid of them. But we are almost there. However, people selling or buying properties on our development are still reliant on Peverel and of course they are in no rush. As it happens before we booted them, they were never in any rush but now we have they are holding up sales.

            As far as I know there have been no grudge type situations. Sounds to me that what happened with you was by a contractor rather than Peverel themselves.

            By the way. Where are you located?

            Best of luck.

  3. Phil

    Well done Paul and all those who have supported you in this – not only has the market spoken, but so has the community through your efforts!


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