Heath fire devastation captured on video

Heath Fires - Paul DeachThis afternoon I decided to see the devastation caused by the heath fire on Pirbright Ranges for myself and I live broadcast a video stream using the new Periscope App.

The fire is still smouldering and when the wind picks up it is still flaring up in some areas. However, Surrey Fire and Rescue Service are on the scene keeping it well under control.

The Periscope App I used to live stream the video from my mobile phone does have some limitations. For starters it is only possible to shoot in portrait and because I was walking while filming it is a little jumpy. But this is a first for any media outlet in Surrey.

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When should you call 999 – Deepcut Heath Fire

Deepcut Heath Fire - 15 April 2015

This is what prompted me to call 999

At around 1205 today I noticed thick smoke coming from the heath area in Deepcut.

It looked as though it was coming from the training areas immediately behind Princess Royal Barracks so I was not sure if this was a controlled fire by the army.

Of course we have a history of heath fires here so I was not going to take any chances and immediately called 999 as I know how quickly these things get out of control as we have seen before.

It turns out according to media reports that it is in fact a heath fire. I am glad I did not hesitate to call 999 as the quicker the fire service can get on scene the better.

Within just a few minutes of me calling 999 and as I was driving up the Maultway towards Bagshot, I could see the Fire Service making its way toward the incident.

So the moral to the story is if you are in doubt call 999, better to air on the side of caution and that applies for the Police, Ambulance or Fire.

I hope they get they fire under control soon. There are rare ground nesting birds and reptiles on the heathland.

To find out more about this incredibly rare habitat and the animals that live there check out my #RangerRadio  podcast series with the Surrey Wildlife Trust here: http://www.surreywildlifetrust.org/blog/rangerradio